A Blacksmith’s Tale or… How to Improve the Movie “A Knight’s Tale” a Hundredfold Using Only Rudimentary MS Paint Skills (But Not Really Because A New Poster Doesn’t Change the Film)

A Blacksmith's Tale

Seriously, Wouldn’t This Have Made a Great Movie?

So this past weekend I was drinking/watching Lip Service and suddenly it occurred to me that A Knight’s Tale would have been way better had it been all about Kate the blacksmith. This revelation had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that, if you recall from an earlier blog, I’ve had a big crush on Laura Fraser since before I realized it was a crush. And of course absolutely zero to do with her performance in the aforementioned Lip Service. Nothing at all. Perish the thought. ‘Twas merely a heavenly bolt of inspiration. But think about it… doesn’t the story of a widowed woman making her way as a blacksmith in medieval-y times have the potential for some high quality shenanigans/epic badassery. You know she’s secretly gotta have some bitchin’ skills with a sword. It would be at least as exciting as the story of a dude who wants to knock other dudes off their horses but can’t because his father wasn’t dudely enough. (Why yes, I am really good at plot summaries. Why yes, I should do it for a living.)



– William Thatcher

Anyway, because I’m a big dork and apparently have nothing better to do with my time, I created that lovely poster. And this super short post. Tune in October 9th for a special 1 year Coming Out-iversary edition (Yes, that’s two days before International Coming Out Day because I am also apparently a hipster. “Yeah, I was coming out before it was like a thing.”) You can expect something that may or may not rhyme with Dena Xrinking Game.

She's ready. Are you?

She’s ready. Are you?


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